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About Our School

Students looking through a microscope at a leaf in science class.

Beautiful Savior Lutheran School offers a safe, caring environment with a family atmosphere.  Students enjoy the blessing of teachers who are trained to teach all subjects with Christian love, and the knowledge that we are God's children.  At the same time, we challenge our students with a rigorous course of study.  Our students consistently have high test scores and are well prepared for high school.  Many of our graduates enroll in advanced classes in high school.  

We go beyond preparing our students for high school - we work alongside you to prepare them for eternity!  Students are taught about the love of Jesus who came to earth to save them from their sins, and they are taught to serve him by their lives of service to others.

Call us anytime to schedule a visit and learn more about our outstanding preschool and K-8 elementary programs.

Peter Gumm


Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Pete Gumm


7th & 8th Grade Teacher

Math, Science, Physical Education

Angie Nelson.jpeg

5th & 6th Grade Teacher

Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies

Dan Maki.jpeg

3rd & 4th Grade Teacher

Technology Director

Sue Taylor.jpeg

1st & 2nd Grade Teacher

Upper Grade Art

Andrea Selves.jpeg

Kindergarten Teacher

Upper Grade Music

Angie Gumm.jpeg

Preschool Teacher

Rachel Wilch.jpeg

Resource Teacher

Pete Gumm

Administrative Pastor

Upper Grade Religion Teacher

Alex Groth.jpeg

Associate Pastor

Upper Grade Religion Teacher

Carrie & students (1)_edited.jpg

Staff Minister

Upper Grade Religion Teacher

Natalie Cain.jpeg

School Office Admin

Pam Adams.jpeg

Church Office Admin

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