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"I love the house where you live, O LORD, the place where your glory dwells."

-Psalm 26:8

This is why we gather.

Hope in the Darkness

Thomas Westra, Pastor

A Study on Isaiah Begins November 28

Why study the Old Testament, especially the prophets?  Aren’t their writings full of judgment and condemnation? 

Yes, and Isaiah is no exception.  But they also point ahead to a Savior.  And here is where Isaiah shines.  He is often called the “Evangelist of the Old Testament” because no other prophet was chosen by the Holy Spirit to proclaim so many and such remarkable prophecies concerning Jesus.  He reveals the mysteries of Christ and the Church so clearly that you would think he was writing of past events, not future ones.  Among his many prophecies of Christ and his Church are these:

  • A child who would come from a virgin (7:14)

  • A baby who would be God (9:6-7)

  • A new Jerusalem where God would wipe away the tears from the faces of his people (25:8)

  • A king who would reign in righteousness (32:1)

  • A servant whose suffering would bring us healing (53:3-6)

  • A world without violence or hurting where the wolf lies down with the lamb (65:25)

Plan on joining your brothers and sisters in Christ for this exploration of God’s message to us through the prophet Isaiah.  We will find hope and comfort for our time.

The study is also available online via Zoom during the week.  Registration for access to videos and study materials, as well as links to join via Zoom is available below.

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Hope in the Darkness

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