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Thomas Westra, Pastor

Pray, Praise, & Give Thanks!
Favorite Psalms of God's People

"I love the house where you live, O LORD, the place where your glory dwells."

-Psalm 26:8

This is why we gather.

When we are overcome with sorrow, we find words of comfort in the Psalms.  When our hearts are singing with joy, we find words that express the joy in our hearts. When we grow weary under the weight of our sinful natures, we hear words that renew our strength and give us encouragement. When we feel like lost sheep, we hear the shepherd call us by name. When we struggle with sin, we hear words that lead us to repentance. When we fear that we can’t be forgiven, we hear words of certain forgiveness. When we are confused by the ways of God, he comes to us and blesses us with understanding.

These are a sampling of the blessings that are ours as we read the Psalms. Perhaps they explain why we are often drawn to this book in God’s Word. In our upcoming study, as we look at twelve of our favorite psalms, we will have the opportunity to be refreshed with all of these blessings.


Join us beginning Sunday, June 9, in Adult Bible class, as we study these comforting and inspirational words.

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Studies & Devotions for the Whole Family

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Sunday Mornings at 9:55

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