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Welcome to Preschool & Kindergarten

Take a peek inside our classrooms...

Mrs. Angie Gumm


Mrs. Andrea Selves


Preschoolers learn through play.  Our Preschool program is designed to guide your child's steps in developing Christian attitudes and practices, such as taking turns, worshiping, helping and loving one another, listening, sharing, and giving thanks.  Your child will explore, play, and learn while we integrate social-emotional, academic, and pysical  development into their day.  We Share Jesus love with your child by providing encouraging, loving, quality care.

There are three things we love in Kindergarten: our Savior, our friends, and our learning! School goes so much farther than just reading, writing, and arithmetic.  We explore with our senses, dig for answers, and learn how to pick ourselves up when we fall. Join our Kindergarten class as we navigate this beautiful world of God's creation! Together we will grasp Christ's love!

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