Young students learning learning and serving together.  Boy offers girl a handful of crayons.

Teachers at Beautiful Savior provide a safe, welcoming, and academically challenging environment.


We strive to show our students the value of compassion and humility, traits our God has lovingly shown to us.


Our students learn both the value of strong morals and the unconditional love that is found only through Jesus.


Our Educational Program


At Beautiful Savior Lutheran School, we strive to serve as an extension of the home in the vital work of Christian education.  In addition to the scope of public elementary curriculum, our school offers daily worship and Bible study. All subjects are taught with Christian love and the knowledge that we are God's children, thereby providing a Christian atmosphere with Christian fellowship.


We consider it a privilege to conduct our school so that our children may grow in the Christian faith, develop their God-given talents, be trained in leading a God-pleasing life, and finally receive eternal life! We want them to learn faithfulness, develop a sense of responsibility, and learn the skills and concepts that are the basis for a productive and happy life.


We offer a rigorous curriculum, leading students to recognize reason as a gift of God and to learn the skills they need to think and communicate logically, scientifically, and creatively.  Call anytime to schedule a tour of our school and learn more about what makes Beautiful Savior an excellent choice for elementary education.

Multi-Grade Classrooms

Benefits                to Consider

Beautiful Savior teaches in a multi-age setting.  We divide our K-8 school into five classrooms: Kindergarten, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8.  A multi-age classroom offers benefits not easily replicated in a single-grade classroom.  Here are some things to consider:

Studies show that children in multi-age or family-grouped models score similarly or better academically than their comparison peers in traditionally-grouped classes.  Case in point: New Zealand, the nation that boasts the highest literacy rate in the world.  There, multi-grade classrooms are common today, just as they once were in America. 

The mix of ages and abilities optimum opportunities for student collaboration as older students serve as role models.  Younger children actively use older children to develop skills and to acquire knowledge, while older children actively assert responsibility for younger ones and develop an increasingly sophisticated understanding of that responsibility and their own studies.

When it comes to student affect (i.e.,  social relationships and attitudes), the case for multi-age organization is very strong.  Of the 21 separate measures used to assess student affect in several major studies, 81% favored multi-age classrooms. 

Our teachers are uniquely equipped to teach in multi-age classrooms, as this is a key focus in their college education.

Extracurricular Programs

Sports, Music, & More...

At Beautiful Savior Lutheran School, we believe that extracurricular activities promote a more well-rounded educational experience.  Student athletes at Beautiful Savior compete in Co-ed & Boys' Basketball, as well as Track & Field.  Students interested music have the opportunity to participate in piano lessons and choir.  Numerous field trips and community service activities are peppered throughout the school year.  Additional opportunities may be coordinated upon request.  Here's a quick look at some of the extracurriculars we offer.

Boys and girls in the upper grades have the opportunity to participate in interscholastic basketball games with other schools in our area in January and February.  In early February, we take the older students to participate in a boys' basketball tournament in Saginaw, Michigan at Michigan Lutheran Seminary, and to Luther Preparatory School in early March.

Our students also have the opportunity to participate in track meets with the other WELS schools in Ohio in the spring.  Information concerning the track meet is sent home with students in the spring as the final date is set.

There are at least two field trips during the year for each class, which are designed to build a greater awareness in the field of arts & entertainment.  In addition to local field trips offered, we also take our upper-grades on a week-long field trip.  This road trip across several states allows students to learn about our nation's history and the diversity of cultures in the U.S.