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Empowered by Baptism

1/12/2020 Pastor A. Groth  Matthew 3:13-17 

Pass the Blame

1/19/2020 Pastor T. Westra  John 1:29-41 


2/16/2020 Pastor T. Westra  Matthew 5:21-37 

You Are Blessed

2/2/2020 Pastor T. Westra  Matthew 5:1-12 

You Are Illuminated

1/26/2020 Pastor A. Groth  Matthew 4:12-23 

You Can't, You Are, You Will Be

2/9/2020 Pastor A. Groth  Matthew 5:13-20 

Your Light Has Come

1/5/2020 Pastor T. Westra  Isaiah 60:1-6