Live Streaming Site Assistance

How Do I use Live Streaming?
We are glad you found our site and we welcome the chance to share God’s promises during a period of so much uncertainty.  The link to initiate a live streaming service is on the Home Page, or the first selection under the Media Tab.
You should find yourself with a screen similar to the screen here.  Click on the steamspot viewer and select the service you are looking for.  For servcies happening live, the video will start automatically .
What if I can’t watch it live, can I watch later?
You sure can!  An archive of previous broadcasts is available after you click on the Streamspot viewer.  It also has a schedule of future services.  The archive of past services scrolls right to left.  Use your mouse or touch screen scroll the archive until you find the service you are looking for.  Then Tap or click the service image!
Is there a Service Folder so I can follow along?
Yes, the service folder download site can also be found under the Media Tab.  This will open up in a new window.  Find the Service folder you wish to view and double click the name or pdf icon.  Then click DOWNLOAD.  This will open up the service folder.  Tailor the size and screen to your liking. You can have a window or tab open for both the service folder and the Live Streaming page.

Hit selected the viewer, but my screen is blank?
If this occurs, click on the blank screen.  A selection to the right will appear that says toggle Audio Only.  Select this, then select, this again.  The video will reset.