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We are a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, a church body committed to sharing life in Jesus with people throughout the world.

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We are located on Pippin Rd., in close proximity to Fairfield, Forest Park, Seven Hills, Hamilton, and southern Butler County
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8:30 and 11:00 am
Child and Adult Sunday School between services

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We have openings in both the three-year-old (Tuesday and Thursday morning) and four-year-old (Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings) classes. There are also openings in the kindergarten which meets full days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Call now to schedule a visit at (513) 825-2290
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3 Year Bible Reading: Numbers 1-2

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is Numbers 1-2.


  • The book of Numbers deals primarily with the Israelite nation wandering through the desert and finally making preparations to enter the Promised Land
    • The book gets its title from the fact that it includes several numberings of the people of Israel
      • One takes place at Mt. Sinai when the men of Israel fit for war were counted
      • The second took place at the Jordan when it was determined that the first rebellious generation had all died away, except for Joshua and Caleb
      • This book includes far more than just results of a census
        • We see God’s love and His promise of a Savior on the pages of Numbers
        • It is a spiritual history of Israel in the wilderness, full of joyful highs and terrible lows, including wandering the desert for 38 years as punishment
  • Chapter 1 begins with God speaking to Moses, an event we’ll see repeatedly throughout the book of Numbers
    • It appears that this book picks up shortly after Exodus and Leviticus left off
    • God instructed Moses to begin a census of all the men in Israel who were over the age of 20 and fit for battle
      • God also pointed out leaders from each tribe who would assist Moses with this large task
  • When you add up the numbers from each tribe, there were over 600,000 battle ready Israelite men
    • We see how quickly God had begun to keep His promise to Abraham in Genesis 15:5
    • Commentators have estimated from this figure that the nation of Israel numbered over 2 million at this point
      • We realize how amazing it was that God was providing food and water each day for a nation this size!
  • Chapter 2 deals with the organization of the tribes into their locations in camp
    • Everything was designed to turn inward to the tabernacle
    • The various tribes made their living spaces around the perimeter of the camp
      • The leaders of each tribe would live closer to the middle to allow for Moses to communicate with the leadership easily
    • The tribe of Judah was given the position of leadership on the east, and they would set out first whenever Israel was on the move
      • This type of honor had been decreed by God hundreds of years before in Genesis 49:8-9

What does it lead me to confess?                                                      

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3 Year Bible Reading: Leviticus 27

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is Leviticus 27.


  • Chapter 27 discusses the various punishments for breaking vows
    • The chapter begins by setting prices for those who would dedicate themselves to the service of God
      • The work of the tabernacle had already been reserved for the Levites, so the average Israelite could not simply go to the tabernacle and give their lives in service
      • Instead those who were making such a vow of dedication would pay the price which they would command on the slave market
    • God made provisions for someone who might have second thoughts about making a generous offer of an animal in dedication to God
      • If someone attempted to switch out a good animal for an inferior animal, both of the animals were given to God
      • In this way, God was discouraging the people from making hasty vows
        • He wanted their gifts and vows to come from a heart of faith, and not a rash decision
        • The same was true of homes or land that were dedicated to God
    • Verse 34 is a fitting conclusion to this book of God’s commands for His people

What does it lead me to confess?                                                      

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