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We are a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, a church body committed to sharing life in Jesus with people throughout the world.

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We are located on Pippin Rd., in close proximity to Fairfield, Forest Park, Seven Hills, Hamilton, and southern Butler County
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Thanksgiving Day Service Time
Thursday November 27th 10:00 am

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8:30 and 11:00 am
Child and Adult Sunday School between services


3 Year Bible Reading: Deuteronomy 3

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is Deuteronomy 3.


  • Chapter 3 begins with another king challenging Israel
    • God again assured Moses that He would give the enemy army into Israel’s hands despite the large number of fortified cities this king, Og, had built throughout the land
    • So Moses obeyed God, and Israel went into battle against Og’s army
    • They easily defeated all of Og’s army and took over his territory
    • One commentator notes that the amount of their conquered territory now ran about 140 miles from north to south
  • The bed described for Og in verse 11 may also be a reference to a coffin
    • Luther suggested that Og was perhaps a giant of a man
  • Verses 12-20 are a brief summary of the division of the conquered land, including an incident between Moses and the leaders of two tribes, which was originally recorded in Numbers 32
    • Members from the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh wanted to settle on the land which the Israelites had just conquered outside of the Promised Land
    • Moses made them promise that they would assist Israel in securing the rest of the Promised Land before they returned home
      • The Book of Joshua shows us that these tribe members fulfilled this promise
  • The chapter concludes with Moses’ description of being forbidden to enter the Promised Land
    • Moses pleaded with God to let him enter the Promised Land, but God would not change His mind
    • God had certainly forgiven Moses for His sin at Kadesh, but the consequences for Moses’ disobedience remained
    • God did allow Moses to walk up a mountain and see the Promised Land from a distance
    • God then commanded Moses to prep Joshua for taking over his role as leader

What does it lead me to confess?                                                      

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3 Year Bible Reading: Deuteronomy 2

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is Deuteronomy 2.


  • The first few verses of this chapter are a summary of the 38 years, during which the Israelites wandered in the wilderness
    • Many events from this time were detailed in the book of Numbers
  • Moses records the different times God commanded the Israelites either to avoid passing through a kingdom or to force their way through in conflict
    • We see mentions of the descendents of Esau and Lot, who also ended up in this land as their distant relatives, the Israelites
  • One commentator had this to say about the many geographical details in this chapter: “Let’s be honest. This brief geographical insert was probably a lot more interesting to people at Moses’ time than it is to us. Yet even such seemingly trivial details validate the historical truthfulness of Scripture. They assure us that these words of the Bible are also ‘the truth’ (John 17:17).”
  • The people wandered until all the men from the rebellion in the last chapter had perished
    • This was part of their punishment
    • Moses gives us this chilling phrase: “The LORD’s hand was against them.”
  • It becomes clear from this chapter that there were many different peoples living in this corner of the world
    • Once Israel settled down, their purpose would be to serve as a light to the nations, drawing them to the brightness of the Messiah’s dawn
  • Verse 25 shows us God’s promise to put the terror and fear of Israel in the hearts of the Canaanites
    • The people of Israel were not a fierce military machine; it was God’s power that gave them strength always
  • In verse 26 Moses describes how he sent messengers ahead to Sihon, king of Heshbon
    • Israel needed to pass through his territory in order to reach the Promised Land
    • Moses assured Sihon that Israel would:
      • buy any food and water they needed during their time in Heshbon
      • take care of the land as they traveled, Justas they had during their time among the Edomites and Moabites
    • Moses was offering a peaceful solution to a situation that could be tense and misinterpreted
    • Sihon, however, rejected this treaty, and the description of his refusal is reminiscent of Pharaoh’s attitude toward Israel
      • Sihon had rejected God and therefore rejected His people
  • When Israel approached Heshbon, Sihon’s armies left their forts and attacked Israel in the open country
    • God gave Sihon and his armies completely into the hands of Israel, not one person was left
    • The plunder of the towns became Israel’s possession as they overtook the whole region of Heshbon
    • The Israelites still carefully respected the boundaries of conquest which God had given them and did not stray into the territory of the Ammonites

What does it lead me to confess?                                                      

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We have openings in both the three-year-old (Tuesday and Thursday morning) and four-year-old (Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings) classes. There are also openings in the kindergarten which meets full days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
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