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We are a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, a church body committed to sharing life in Jesus with people throughout the world.

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3 Year Bible Reading: Leviticus 19-20

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is Leviticus 19-20.


  • Chapter 19 is full of general instructions from God about holy living, particularly in regard to how we treat each other
    • In verse 3 God commands children to honor and respect their parents
      • God has set parents as His representatives to children
        • That means that both child and adult must take that role seriously
    • Verse 4 reminds us of the ever-present danger for Israel in being surrounded by those who worshiped false gods
    • Verses 9-10 were a way of providing for the very poor and the foreigners in Israel who could not find regular work
      • Israelite farmers would leave part of their harvest for people in these unfortunate situations in order that they might survive
    • Verses 11-12 warn anyone who would attempt to claim someone else’s property and then lie in order to cover it up
    • Verses 15-16 remind those serving as judges in Israel to keep any favoritism or personal feelings out of their work
    • Verses 17-18 speak about the importance of keeping hatred from doing its terrible work in our hearts
      • Instead we love our neighbors as we love ourselves, which Jesus quoted in Matthew 22:39
    • In verse 19 God gives specific directions even about clothing and seeds to remind Israel that they were to be separate from other nations
    • God taught the principle of firstfruits giving to His people by keeping them from eating the fruit of a tree for the first 3 years of its existence in the new land
      • The fruit of the fourth year was entirely dedicated to God
      • The fruit of the fifth year could be eaten and enjoyed
      • God was teaching them that He would continue to provide, even as they gave Him their first and best
    • Verses 27-28 were further instructions to keep Israel away from any suggestion that they were like the pagan nations around them
      • Tattoos are not forbidden in the New Testament, but good judgment should be used
    • Verse 31 forbids the Israelites from seeking out spiritists, who claimed the ability to communicate with the dead
      • We see Saul sharply corrected for such a practice in the book of 1 Samuel
    • We note God’s instructions to respect the aged in verse 32 and see the importance of following that directive today
    • God extends His directives about loving one another to the foreigners in Israel’s midst
      • The People’s Bible notes that the Israelites should have known this well from their own experiences as foreigners in Egypt
    • The end of the chapter deals with the common practice of cheating customers at a marketplace
      • God showed His people how their behavior in business reflected on Him and demonstrated what was in their hearts
  • Chapter 20 details some of the punishments for breaking the rules listed in previous chapters
    • Those who made the terrible choice to sacrifice their own children would, in turn, have their life ended by stoning
      • It was the responsibility of the offender’s community to put him to death
        • If they didn’t carry out what God had commanded, they, too, would be cut off from the people
    • Verse 9 instructs the people to put to death anyone who cursed their parents
      • Parents were considered to be the representatives of God in a family; therefore cursing them would be the equivalent of blasphemy
    • Verses 10-16 detail the serious punishment for sexual sins
      • God was emphasizing to His people the importance of living as His people
    • The chapter concludes with a repeated warning about what would happen to Israel if they did not heed God’s warnings

What does it lead me to confess?                                                      

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3 Year Bible Reading: Leviticus 17-18

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is Leviticus 17-18.


  • Chapter 17 begins with God instructing the people to make sacrifices only at the temple, not outside the gates of the camp
    • Those who slaughtered an animal outside of the camp would have the strong temptation to offer it as a sacrifice to one of the pagan gods of the people surrounding them
      • This law applied to the foreigners living among Israel as well
    • God also commanded the people again to refrain from eating the blood of animals
      • This was a prominent characteristic of heathen worship
        • God was again setting Israel apart from the rest of the world
      • God was also demonstrating both the value of life and the role blood would play in Israel’s atonement through Christ
  • Chapter 18 deals with types of sexual unions which brought God’s warning and judgment
    • Israel had not only witnessed illicit sexual behavior during their time in Egypt but were also surrounded in the wilderness by nations who made deviant sex acts part of their worship lives
      • God called Israel to be different; they were to be holy as He was holy
        • Their obedience would be their thankful response to God’s undeserved love
    • In verses 6-18 God forbids many different types of incest, involving close blood relatives
      • This included in-laws, who were considered to truly be part of their new family
      • God also did not permit Israel to have multiple wives, although we see many of the Israelites disobeying God in this way
    • Verses 19-23 include God’s warnings about adultery, child sacrifice, homosexuality, and bestiality
      • At this time worship to the false god Molech involved killing your child
        • This was clearly murder, and warnings against such worship are found throughout the Old Testament
      • Sometimes the reference to homosexuality in this section is dismissed as simply part of the old covenant that has no bearing on New Testament people of today
        • Homosexuality would still be included in God’s commandment regarding adultery at Mt. Sinai, however, since it involved sex outside of the marriage bond, which God established
          • These commands were intended for all of God’s people in every age
        • The New Testament also includes several warnings against homosexuality
        • Today we maintain that same sex relationships are sins as defined by God, yet we remember that all sins make us equally guilty in God’s sight
          • All of us as sinners need to hear both the law and gospel appropriately
            • There are no exclusions to this
            • Romans 3:23
          • We daily sin much, but there is forgiveness in Christ
            • Romans 3:24
          • By God’s grace and power alone, we turn from our sins and live in His forgiveness
          • When we fail and fall into our same sins, we need law and gospel again; this will be our desperate need until God calls us home
    • God concludes chapter 18 with a vivid picture to describe what will happen if Israel fails to listen to Him and hear His warnings
      • The land of Canaan would become so disgusted with the sins of the people that it would vomit them out, just as it had the Canaanites

What does it lead me to confess?                                                      

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