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We are a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, a church body committed to sharing life in Jesus with people throughout the world.

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We are located on Pippin Rd., in close proximity to Fairfield, Forest Park, Seven Hills, Hamilton, and southern Butler County
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February 18th - March 25th

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8:30 and 11:00 am
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3 Year Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 9

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is 1 Samuel 9.


  • Chapter 9 continues the narrative from the previous chapter, in which Israel demanded that Samuel find a king for them
    • They wanted to be like the other nations around them
    • Samuel explicitly warned them about what having a king would be like, but the Israelites brushed aside his warnings
  • The first half of this chapter is dedicated to introducing the reader to Saul
    • He’s on a mission to find his father’s lost donkeys
      • We notice Saul’s determination; he looks for several days
    • Saul fit the physical description of a king
    • He came from a strong family; his father is described as being “a man of standing”
    • When Saul was about to return home, his servant suggested that they check in with Samuel, since they were so close anyway
      • They hoped Samuel could tell them where the donkeys had gone
  • God brought Saul and Samuel together
    • God had told Samuel that he would meet someone from the tribe of Benjamin on that very day
      • Samuel was to anoint this man king
    • When they came together, Samuel gave him big news
      • First of all, his donkeys had been found
      • Second, Saul was to play a large role in Israel’s history
        • Saul balked at the thought that he could do something great
          • The tribe of Benjamin was the smallest of Israel
          • He didn’t feel like a great candidate for king personally
    • Samuel invited Saul to eat with him at a banquet
      • Saul was treated as the guest of honor and given the piece of the meal normally reserved for the priest

What does it lead me to confess?    

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3 Year Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 7

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is 1 Samuel 7.


  • Chapter 7 gives us some of Samuel’s first work as judge over Israel
  • The Israelites began to realize what they were missing without God
    • They were deeply saddened and wanted a relationship with Him again
  • Samuel informed them that the first step was ridding themselves of all the false gods they had begun to accumulate
    • It appears that Israel complied with this instruction very quickly
  • Then Samuel told all of Israel to gather at a place called Mizpah
    • This was a time of nationwide repentance
      • The people poured out water as a symbol of their distress about their sin and a desire to be washed clean from it
      • There were no excuses; instead they simply said, “We have sinned against the Lord.”
      • It’s amazing to think about an entire nation turning from their sin and trusting God for forgiveness
    • At that point Samuel became the recognized leader of Israel
  • The Philistines noticed that the entire nation of Israel had gathered at Mizpah
    • They decided to use this opportunity to attack them
    • When the Israelites saw the Philistines coming, they panicked
      • Their response was a good one, however
      • They asked Samuel to call on God for their safety
        • They once again trusted in His power
    • Samuel cried out to the Lord on Israel’s behalf, and God responded in a big way
      • He sent a powerful storm that threw all of the Philistines into confusion
      • The Israelites easily defeated their disoriented enemies
    • Samuel set up a stone at Mizpah so that Israel could always be reminded of what God had done for them there
      • The stone was called “Ebenezer,” which means a “stone of help”
        • It’s interesting to note that this was the same location where the ark had been lost by the Israelites years before
  • The end of the chapter gives us a brief overview of Samuel’s time leading Israel
    • His rule was characterized by peace in the land, granted to them by God
    • Samuel set up an altar at Ramah, just a few miles north of Jerusalem, and regularly led worship services there
    • He also traveled throughout Israel, serving them spiritually

What does it lead me to confess?    

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